Avignon & Marseille

What a beautiful place!! I wanted the group to leave me here!

Avignon is much smaller than Paris and moves much slower. At the human scale it feels very similar, very dense but most buildings are only 5-7 stories high. The city is walled all the way around so the growth of Avignon is much different then most cities. There are very few roads within the city and most the the streets are very narrow. Pedestrians pretty much walk where ever they want, and cars yield to them. There are only a few main roads through the city within the walls, most of the circulation occurs outside of the walks. Not that you would want to drive within the walks anyways, walking is much easier.

I have really enjoyed sketching in Avignon, there’s a lot going on here. On Saturday, our last day in Avignon, there was a parade and festival. I never could figure out what it was for but it seemed to be some sort of heritage festival. Men and women were dressed in centuries old attire and playing horns, flutes, and drums. There was dancing in the plaza outside of the Pope’s Cathedral. Kelly and I sat up in the park to sketch and watercolor.